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The first Bullet for My Valentine Community

Under new management!

Welcome to the first Bullet for my Valentine Community on Lj.
Now under new management (since the old one vanished).

1. IT'S BEHIND YOU! - Before you make a post asking about an appearance, show, or song make sure it hasn't already been posted.
2. HAHAHAHA PLONK! - There is nothing wrong with a quick spell check and then we won't mock you for your spelling mistakes.
3. CUT IT OUT! - Put photos/videos etc... behind an LJ-cut. Got a whole bunch of pictures? Post them in bfmv_pic_spam
4. 100 x 100 love - There is no posting of icons allowed full stop. Go here - bfmv_icons
5. SNARK - Keep it clean, no racist comments. Hormones are for Emos.
6. RUMOURS - Post away, but if it's really stupid we will call you on it.
7. EBAY/ADVERTS - NO! Your post will be deleted as will you. if you wish to advertise your site please contact me first.

Got troll issues? Want to help? Leave me a comment here.
Stalk the moderator through mcrcondoms.

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